System Walkthrough

Product Promo

VA Technology, renowned worldwide for its cutting-edge shellroom systems and equipment, is committed to innovation and helping customers optimise their manufacturing facilities.

Our collaboration with VA Technology involved creating a concise showcase of twin shellroom systems under construction. As these systems were bound for China, our objective was to provide the client with a visual journey of their purchase's progress and the intricacies of the build process.

Our approach was dynamic and versatile. We used our smallest drone to capture sweeping views, offering a sense of scale for these massive systems. Switching to handheld cameras, we filmed the finer details. While VA Technology's engineers demonstrated the machines in action, our team skillfully captured dynamic shots from every angle, even venturing inside the colossal system as it operated.

The impact was immediate and significant. VA Technology's customer was thrilled to see the progress of their order - one system fully operational and the other nearing completion. This success led VA Technology's sales team to utilise the video as a powerful tool in showcasing their capabilities to potential customers. Encouraged by the positive feedback and the impact of video in the sales process, VA Technology has already enlisted our services to document their next major system build.