Illuminocity 2022

Events, Social

In partnership with Amsterdam’s pioneering Light Art Collection, Brookfield Properties presented their stunning annual light installation at two properties in the heart of London, illuminating the city in the cold winter months. In 2022, the spotlight was cast on the mesmerizing works of Hypycozo, transforming Brookfield Properties' iconic London spaces into immersive art experiences.

The film features Hypycozo, the visionary artists behind this year's IlluminoCity, exploring their inspirations, artistic philosophy, and the unique qualities that distinguish their work. We aimed to capture the essence of Hypycozo's installations at various Brookfield Properties locations in London, showcasing how these artworks dynamically transformed the urban landscape into a canvas of light and imagination, as well as document the reactions and interactions of the public with the art installations, capturing the joy, awe, and conversations sparked by Hypycozo's creations.