Illuminocity 2021

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Brookfield Properties is one of the world's largest real estate management entities, overseeing a vast portfolio of over 800 properties around the globe.

Each year, in collaboration with Amsterdam's groundbreaking Light Art Collection, Brookfield Properties orchestrates a dazzling light exhibition at two prominent London properties. In 2021, this event featured five distinctive artworks created by artists hailing from different corners of the world. Tasked with capturing the essence of these installations from inception to luminous brilliance, Brookfield Properties entrusted us with the creation of a dynamic and cinematic video.

Strategically placed in high foot-traffic areas, the goal was to encourage residents, workers, and the general public to take a moment and enjoy the joy, warmth and wonder each installation brings to the surrounding cityscape. Our creative journey commenced with storyboarding concepts for filming each installation and the connecting route between properties. Once production started, we spent two days filming the installation processes and interviewing the on-site artists. As night descended, we captured actors as they walked the route between properties, interacting with each installation.

To capture everything we needed for this project we used drone, multiple cameras and lenses, gimbals and sliders, wireless microphones and additional lighting. In post-production, we incorporated animation to highlight how close the installations were to each other.

As you can see above, the end result is a vibrant, engaging promotional video leaving Brookfield Properties eager to collaborate once again for IlluminoCity 2022!