Helvar Presents: Human-Centric Lighting

Case Study

For over a century, Helvar has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge lighting solutions and components. Today, they stand as a global leader in intelligent lighting solutions and LED luminaire components.

Helvar approached us with an innovative concept: a series of case study videos featuring renowned experts in the lighting industry, each delving into their unique areas of expertise. Unlike conventional promotional content, these videos aimed to establish Helvar as a thought leader, fostering the dissemination of industry knowledge and best practices.

The initial video served as a proof-of-concept, featuring International Lighting Specialist Kasper Hammer. In this inaugural installment, Kasper delved into the significance of Human-Centric Lighting and its pivotal role in lighting design. Filmed on location in London, the outcome exceeded expectations, prompting Helvar to commission an additional six videos to complete the series.

These videos have since been widely shared on social media platforms, contributing to heightened brand visibility and positioning Helvar as a trusted and authoritative source of information within the lighting industry. The series exemplifies Helvar's commitment to not only providing advanced lighting solutions but also to fostering knowledge-sharing and thought leadership, solidifying their position as industry pioneers for over a century.