Corporate Overview

Corporate Promo

With a focus on innovation and helping customers to improve their manufacturing facilities, VA Technology is a globally recognised leader in advanced shellroom systems and equipment.

We were commissioned to produce a comprehensive corporate overview. The objective was to spotlight their Shropshire manufacturing facilities, parts store, and newly refurbished offices, all while emphasising their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

After an initial briefing session, we developed a detailed storyboard starting production, employing a range of camera and lens combinations, both handheld to and mounted on gimbals, sliders, and tripods. We also used drone to capture aerial views of the exterior of the building and smooth shots over the manufacturing bays and through the warehouse.

In post-production, we incorporated statistics from VA Technology's corporate PowerPoint presentation into a captivating intro sequence. Custom-designed titles were used throughout the video.

The end result is a dynamic virtual tour of VA Technology's world-class facilities that has become an indispensable asset for their entire sales team.‍