Container Consigment

Animation, Product Promo

CMYUK, the UK's biggest independent supplier of large format digital printers, cutting equipment, and materials for all production environments, launched an innovative solution with the introduction of Container Consignment. This groundbreaking pay-as-you-use model promised a streamlined way to order materials, transforming traditional procurement.

Traditionally, CMYUK relied on sending out sales representatives to personally showcase the benefits of their new products and solutions to existing customers and high value prospects. However, recognising that video is a cost-effective and efficient medium to convey their message to a broader audience, the marketing team opted for a more scalable approach.

By transitioning to an internet-based presentation strategy, CMYUK significantly reduced the costs associated with in-person sales visits. The outcome was a highly successful launch of Container Consignment, leading to more sales than predicted and elevated brand recognition.

This shift underscores the power of video in modern marketing, offering a compelling and cost-efficient means to engage, inform, and connect with diverse audiences, ultimately driving business growth.